Frequently Asked Questions

How do I drop off and pick up my child?
You will receive a Child Care Pass that you must show the Welcome Center when you walk in or you can scan your Membership Card if you are a Centre Member.  You may then walk to your child’s room to drop off or pick up and then sign your child in or out.  Once at the classrooms, you will need to show a teacher your driver’s license so they can ensure your child is going with the right person.  If you are unable to show your Child Care Pass or scan your Membership Card, you will be asked to sign a Visitor Log at the Welcome Center.  This is for the safety of your child and must be done every time!

My child will be attending JumpStart, will you prorate my fees to attend the centre? How does my child get to and from JumpStart?
If your child will be attending JumpStart, you are still responsible for the entire fees.  Our fees are set up as daily rates and are not based on the number of hours your child attends the Centre.  A bus through the district is available to pick up at the Centre and drop off at the Middle School, where kids will join their group.

When will my child get their camp shirt?
Your child will get their camp shirt on the first field trip day that they attend.  Your child will get the size that you mark on their registration form.

After getting the camp shirt, what if my child does not wear it on one of the field trip days?
If your child has received the camp shirt and isn’t wearing it on a field trip day, you will be charged $10 and given another shirt.

Can I drop a day of care?
Calendars may be changed at no cost until April 15.  After that any dropped days will be partially billed.

What if I only want my child to attend one or two days?
We have a three day minimum requirement that you will be charged even if you only want your child to attend 1 or 2 days.

Can I add a day of care for my child?
Yes, but it must get approved to make sure there is a spot open on the day that you want to add.

Do I need to register early?
Yes!  The Centre’s summer programs fill quickly, so be sure to register early.

What will my child do if it is raining or too hot?
If the weather is not cooperating with us, the kids will stay at the Centre for a day of activities.  They will do more group games in the gym and studios as well as the classrooms.  

Do I have to pay extra for before and/or after care for Camp Centre and YCI?
No, your weekly fee covers care from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM along with all field trip costs.  

What does my child need to bring with them to Camp/YCI?
On a daily basis, your child should come with lunch, a water bottle, sunscreen, and on some days a sweatshirt if the weather is a bit colder.  

Does the Centre provide lunch?
The Centre does not provide lunch.  Groups will walk to the Middle School for free hot lunch each weekday during summer stretch and jump start.  Children should bring bag lunches during the weeks when Middle School lunch isn’t available.  Each family will have a calendar for their child at the beginning of summer that indicates which days to pack a lunch and which days groups will walk to the Middle School.  The Centre provides an AM and PM snack along with juice or milk.


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